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Welcome to New Media Crafts in the 21st Century
This Month
"The Digital Educator" 
is on
"The Digital Builders Club"
(Digital Modeling and Movie-Making)
      This month I'm providing a hands-on/minds-on approach into how Special Edition DV iMacs are being used in my Science MediaLab.   How computers, cameras and manila folders can help us design, build and test our own scale models (scientific masterpieces) in the classroom.   How these scientific and technical craft building activities can lead to a greater appreciation and  understanding of our built and natural environment.   
Planetarium, Penny Scale and Catapult  Models
Space Shuttle and Planet Earth Models
Paper-ISS Model and Space Shuttle Endeavor
(International Space Station)
Paper Model of Shelter Systems' Domes, ArchDomes, BubbleDomes, CrystalCaves
Phil Koopman Jr. (see blue link and model below) has created a Website to display and honor
his father's creative genius with paper model construction
 Paper Airplane: F117 Stealth Fighter
{built model}
      The digital models and on this site demonstrate how cardstock scale models (scientific masterpieces) are made from paper print-outs.  How data is collected from these working models and in turn graphically displayed and shared with other classes on the Web.   
Mitsuaki Ohashi's - Paper Craft - MacIntosh Modeling Site 
(iBook, iMac 5 colors, iMacDV Special Edition, G-3, G-4 Cinema Display, G-4 Cube)
        These paper print-outs are glued to manila folders or cardstock in the classroom.  The patterns or templates are then cut, folded and assembled into working scale models.  Upon completion they are ready for competition and/or for recording measurements in a lab setting.
Touch-3D, car body
Touch-3D, scale model of a house.
     An invitation is extended to teachers, students and parents who come to this Web site ( to participate  in this "Digital Builders Club" series of activities.   This month the Quicktime iMovies displayed below will provide a one and two minute show and tell series on how to build the models from the posted print-outs.  This site will take you from start to finish with links to model examples, procedures and templates.   Examples built and engineered by myself, fellow teachers and students in their science and math classrooms will be placed in the spotlight and showcased on this site. 
 Examples of Endangered Animal Modeling 
Rare Animals of the World
 Loggerhead Turtle Japanese Golden Eagle    Blakiston's Fish Owl
Rare Animals of the World

Examples Environmental Modeling
 Volcano Paper Model
Model of Volcano
 The Learning Web at the U.S. Geological Survey
Classroom Technology Assistance - Projects/Publications 
Teachers Sharing Applications Online/Onsite
Academics Plus  -  ScienceWeb of Resources
Instructional Links to Desktop Movies
Webcams in the Classroom
Staff Media/Web Support
Student Media/Web Support
District Technology Mentor:   "School Science Day Support" 
District Mentors in Training:   "After School Media Academy" 
District Adult Education Series:   "ParentTechnology Applications" 
District Planning Committee:  "ROP Digital Media Lab Curriculum" 
District CE Credit Series:   "Apple's Online Curriculum Applications" 
District Related Associations : "21st Century Chapter Communications" 
Classroom Support,  Teacher Media Projects,  Web Adventures 
   Bookmark this Site to Work with Classroom Teachers on Web-Based Education Projects . 
 Sign-Up and Support the Development of "Standards Based" Media Projects at School sites. 
    Check the Digital Educator Guestbook and Teacher Registry Listed Below for Posting Your Sites. 
     Join Us with Webcams on "Digital Safari" and "WebAdventures" at the Wild Animal Park this Year! 
photo montagegraphsCD's 
Administrators, Classroom Teachers, Coaches, Library Media Specialists,  
 Special Education Teachers, Career Counselors, Computer Lab Coordinators, 
 School Athletics, School Clubs, Band, Drama Programs, all need your support in 
 the Classroom Technology  Assistance - Program 
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      Each class and course consists of  interactive, online tutorials, hands-on 
   media projects, and a forum for discussion with onsite experts.  The Web 
courses allow those enrolled to proceed as a "community of  learners" who  
 work together. Some have referred to this site as a 'virtual classroom' where 
      projects are done together as a team on Macs and PC's.  See courses listed here:  
(see also in more detail at the bottom of this page).  
Onsite Campus Support - - - - -Onsite Community Support - - - - -Onsite Corporate Support 
    (Parent Volunteers)                 (Civic and InHome Volunteers)    (Business and Enterprise Volunteers) 
Team Up with Teachers to Work on District Approved "Classroom Support Projects"
AppleWorks 101
Internet 101
Webmaker 101
Hyperstudio 101
Introduction to ALI
Introduction to iMac
Multimedia in the Classroom
Internet in the Classroom
Advanced HyperStudio
Microsoft Office 101
Advanced AppleWorks
Advanced Microsoft Word
man surfing 
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Additional Online Books, Courses and Support Materials for the Classroom 
 Some of the most challenging skills facing school staff and students 
are those of keeping up with the dramatic changes taking place in the world  
     of high-tech communications.  Getting a handle on how to use internet-intranet  
technologies effectively is rapidly  becoming a necessity for advancement in 
       educational careers and for economic growth in the business world.  We are here 
         to make this transition easier, more convenient and more fun by working with you. 
          Communication is increasingly computational, online, interactive and visual. It  
      must be accessible in a host of formats, ie. CD, DHTML, JAVA, PDF, etc.  For these  
     these needs and reasons the "Digital Educator" dedicates this site and sponsors a  
      series of  campus, community and corporate support courses near you and on-site. 
                 Our goal is to provide both perspective and solutions to your Web communication  
         needs.  That is why more and more people are turning to the "Digital Educator" Web  
        site for cost effective classes, Web-based CD applications, onsite educational needs, 
products and services. 
Classroom Technology Assistance  -  Online Courses Program 
       This Website provides a series of classes and courses designed for those of you who 
  would like online continuing education credits and certificates for your participation at 
       campus, community  and/or corporate sites. These courses are in strategic alliance with:  
Apple Staff Development Online,  
Barnes and Noble Affiliate Network  
Digital Educator - On-line Education Services, 
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Additional Online Books, Courses and Support Materials for the Classroom 
Classroom Technology Assistance  -  Web Projects Program 
     Whether you want to fine tune an existing internet-intranet site or develop a whole 
  new classroom Web project. The "Digital Educator" Talent Registry is available for class  
Web development support, including work with information design, graphic creation, rich 
database integration, HTML, CGI and JAVA Applets.  The Digital Educator site is here to 
match up technical talent with Web media projects that teachers want for their classes., DC210, Kodak phot Cd and scanner 
Classroom Technology Assistance  - CD-ROM  Project  Program 
    Even with the burst of activity surrounding the Web, interactive multimedia is  
sometimes best delivered via CD-ROM. The Digital Educator offers a full range of 
development support including instructional design, graphic and interface design, 
authoring and database integration for placing projects on CD-ROM. The Digital  
Educator has developed a number of CD-ROMs, along with a series of training  
applications that can be deployed in both CD-ROM and web-based versions.  
The Digital Educator will help you develop new ways to display your data,  
collect valuable research documents and build engaging presentations. 
photo montagegraphsCD's 
 Strategic Sponsors /  Digital Educator Interviews / Barnes & Noble Discount Link 
"Mentors in Training - Media Academy" / CD Boot Camp/ Web AdventureTours 
On-Line Discussion-Focus Groups/  Site Experts /  Web Hosting Sites 
Continuing Education Courses - Credits and Certificates 
Campus, Community and Corporate Calendar of Classes 
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Getting ready for online courses and onsite support:  

These are interactive courses. You will be asked occasionally to set forth your ideas and responses in writing, and to do some offline work as well. So the courses work best if your computer is connected to a printer. This will allow you to make hard copies of certain parts of the course for later evaluation and reference.  

These courses will be easier to use if you set the options on your browser to show only the navigation buttons and location window. Use the Preferences menu, if necessary, to turn off the directory buttons.  

You can track your progress through these courses with the page counter at the bottom of the lesson page. You can go back or forward in a course at any time to review previous lessons or see what's ahead.  

To help you get a smooth start with your course, we recommend that you browse through our course list (on the right) and carefully read all of the requirements for the course.  

After you have chosen a course, make sure:  

 Digital Educator "Discount-Link" 
Barnes & Noble Computer Books
Courses Available Now
AppleWorks 101
Internet 101
Webmaker 101
Hyperstudio 101
Introduction to ALI
Introduction to iMac
Multimedia in the Classroom
Internet in the Classroom
Advanced HyperStudio
Microsoft Office 101
Advanced AppleWorks 
Word Processing
Advanced Microsoft Word

 Information for prospective students 
 Activation of purchased accounts 
for students
a classroom based beta-site 
Apple Distinguished Educator 
Award Winning Teacher 
Jay Klopfenstein 
Carlsbad Unified School District 
Carlsbad, California 
Legacy Site 
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Thanks  goes to "Apple", "Kodak" and "Top Class"  for their images in this frame. 
E-Mail Link to Jay Klopfenstein 
Apple Distinguished Educator 
Classroom Technology Assistance Program 
Teachers Sharing Applications Registry 
Click Here for a California Map  
Campus and District Links 
Classroom Technology Assistance -  Teachers Sharing Applications Registry 
Jay Klopfenstein's  "Mentors in Training - Media Academy" 
Valley Middle School,  1645 Magnolia Avenue, Carlsbad, CA 92008 
iMacLab - Thursdays 2:30 - 4:30 p.m. 

Palm Springs "CUE" Conference 
Apple Showroom Presentation 
 NASA "EarthKam" Project 
" Capturing Images and Classroom Imaginations" 
NASA Project Review Page 

Follow the Links to Jay Klopfenstein's Campus /Community Websites Below:


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